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An Eternal dispute

“I’ll kill u” she said. “Ok kill me. You can threaten me but can’t make me believe your lies”, he retorted

She smiled and said “Why don’t you believe man? I can show you live examples”

“Ok show them to me and I’ll agree”
“C’mon, how can I show you now, I mean when I see some guy cheating his girlfriend then I’ll show you ” she replied

He was laughing, “So you have never seen any such guy but you say all guys are cheaters, and you’ll give me live examples of such guys when you meet them in future, that’s what you finally mean na”

She was eyeing him angrily as he continued, “So from this we can conclude that until you meet such guys who cheat, it’s agreed upon unanimously that guys are always innocent and it’s always girls who are relationship breakers”

“Just shut up idiot!!!”

“Facts are always harsh girl; you can’t digest them so easily”

“Oye! You just stop that crap. I didn’t say all guys are like that, some are sincere lovers too” she was trying to keep her cool.

“I also agree that not all girls are bad, it’s only 99% who cheat, rest all girls are very good people, in fact angels on earth 😛 “

She lost her cool now, “There’s no hope of you, really. Such a waste of time arguing with you…”

“Hey buddy! Relax yaar, I was just kidding, and you know what, you are one of those 1% girls for sure”

“Thanks. Just leave all this, say something else” she said

“That girl standing there is very beautiful, especially her black eyes…” he was saying that she stopped him “You are such a ##$%^^. All guys are same I said na”

“Now why you say all guys, don’t include all men, just say me”

“I don’t know about you but all guys do this, he has a girl friend but ..” ,

” I don’t have any girl friend”, he interrupted.

“I’m not saying about you idiot, let me complete”, she snapped back, “He has a girlfriend but will never stop ogling at any beautiful girl he encounters. Such a shameless people you are”

“Hello madam, don’t say that. Won’t u appreciate a scenic beauty of nature like sunrise, waterfalls, oceans, we are doing the same. Girls are part of nature and we appreciate their beauty as much as anyone appreciates nature”

“Aha!! Then can the girl do the same, as what you said APPRECIATE the beauty, she can also go for some good guy, but you guys will never accept her doing so, can u explain this??” she asked him questioningly

“Aaaa… That’s because guys are not part of nature”, he didn’t know what else to say now

She couldn’t control laughing, “Wah! Kya baat hai! (Wow! What a wonder!) So where the hell guys are from?”

“I have to answer now, Oh God! Help me..” he thought to himself

After some thought process, “You see what happened was, God first made NATURE that’s the reason why it’s such a beautiful thing we can’t stop appreciating. Next he took his time and made WOMEN, gave a part of nature’s beauty to them, that’s the reason I say women are part of nature. And now at the end, when HE was already tired, quickly packed off something and sent it to earth called – MEN, so we are not part of nature”, he made it.

She was laughing like hell, “Oh lord! What a story that was, amazing. But still I say, not all but most of the guys are real culprits”

“You came back to the same point again” he said with a sigh

“This is such an interesting topic to debate na, Boys vs Girls” she said

“Whatever the topic is, if the stubborn you is there to argue, it’s bound to go on forever”

“Oye! I’ll kill you”, she raised her hand to hit him..


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