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Can u define Happiness?

Happiness, we use this word every day in several occasions, many people around me say they are still in search of happiness; some people always appear happy what may happen with the world around.

While travelling in train last Sunday, I was reading a Telugu novel ANDAMAINA JEEVITAM (literally translates to Beautiful Life), protagonist of the book asks his friend “How do you define happiness?” I just stopped reading for a moment and thought can I answer this. If someone asks me what is happiness for me what can I say, I got a few thoughts like this, happiness for me is…

–          When I just sit n chatter with best buddies for hours together and at the end no one remembers what we talked

–          Having dinner with all family members together

–          Playing with kids gang, no one more than 10 years old

–          When I see a cute kid walking with his mother/father on the road, and the kid smiles seeing me smile at her/him

–          When we all team members in office sit for a meeting and end up laughing n laughing about.. u know things at office right

–          When I meet a long lost friend and he/she says “You are still the same as you were in school/college”

–          When a close friend calls at midnight and says ”Happy Birthday” and I shout at him, “It’s not today idiot”

–          I message GOOD MORNING. HAVE A NICE WEEKEND at 2AM of Saturday and I get a reply from few night owls like me YOU TOO. LET ME SLEEP FIRST

–          An evening walk alone on a busy road, earphones on, listening to old Hindi songs

–          Playing for a competition, after losing a game when the opponent says “That was a brilliant game, bad luck you lost it”

–          After reading a good book, when I explain its greatness to a friend who has read and asked me to read it.

–          When I meet a teacher who taught me long time back, and before I say anything he/she asks “Hi Srujan, how are you?”

I wanted to ask everyone I knew how do they define happiness, but before that I thought I must know what happiness means for me so this post.

So what is happiness for U? This is my question to you, any replies..


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