A natural turn

Last night, just lying on the bed, unable to sleep, I was contemplating on how rugged life has been becoming and where exactly it is going to take me now. Soon my last few years of life have flown in front of my eyes and I couldn’t stop but noticing how wonderfully life has unrolled itself from living in different cities to working in varied jobs and meeting several interesting people, getting to know different cultures and traditions, and still at the end of it I remain the same confused man as I was then. How much things have changed in last decade, some for good and some may not, that I reckon all these changes have made me a different man than what I was both physically and psychologically, albeit not gaining enough strength to command life yet.

CHANGE is a nature of life and without any change with time there is no meaning to life. In fact it’s not just with me but the whole world is moving ahead in fast forward motion and I’m just like a small cog in the wheel that is rolling along.

Now, why am I rumbling on this topic of “Change in Life” all of a sudden? Because it’s very fascinating when we actually observe and analyse those little changes in our surroundings and its effect on us directly or indirectly. Just like the monsoon showers after a hot summer season and a warm Sun shine after a cold winter which would be a welcome relief.

The biggest change that happened in India which got world attention was the change in government. The proud democracy of India has deposed the incumbent government of UPA (United Progressive Alliance) and gave a thumping majority to NDA (National Democratic Alliance) paving way for a strong government at centre led by a man who has given hopes of building a strong nation. The newly elected government seems to be going by the famous demands of public, in vogue for last couple of years, to deliver a corruption-free governance, public security and economic stability if not development. After all, for a common citizen it hardly matters who is in power as long as he can make his life comfortable and secure. So what are the changes that this new government was able to bring in this short span is hard to say but it certainly succeeded in keeping those hopes of people alive that it can bring that CHANGE what majority people want to see in India. Yet there is large scale scepticism which is associated with right wing politics in India for last few decades.

Now if we go beyond Indian boundaries and observe the world, there is lot of drama unfolding which future generations might find interesting to read but as of now I’d describe it as “highly sensitive” situation. Most significant of all is the Crimea crisis which is threatening the world with a consequence of “Cold War 2.0” and war is something that no nation in today’s complex interdependence would really be able to afford. Apart from this, there are new governments in several nations like Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Myanmar etc., some elected, some re-elected, some military coups, but everyone has a common agenda to come out of the turmoil and bring in stability for which several other nations are ready to help, as they realise civil wars are like wild fires that can spread fast beyond national boundaries.

Sometimes, what may happen, certain things remain as bad as they are. One such issue which seems to have moved from bad to worse all over the world, especially in Asian countries, is the situation of security to women. In India, after 16th Dec 2012 NIRBHAYA incident, there were country-wide protests which resulted in some new laws and amendments aimed for the security of women and protection against sexual assaults but these could not bring any change in situation as the ideology of patriarchal society seems to be unrelentingly against the freedom from women. The recent shameful Badaun (Uttar Pradesh) case in which two innocent girls lost their lives reiterates how grave the situation is. The new government’s action to appoint a woman M.P (Member of Parliament) as Union Minister of Women & Child Development seems to be not enough to handle the problem and it needs a better and comprehensive action to uproot this evil and make India a safer place for women.

There are some more shocking incidents happening in the world which when I read about has shaken ground beneath my feet. One is in our own neighbour Pakistan where a women was stoned and killed for marrying a man of her choice, even disgraceful is that all accused are her family members who, it is said, have killed her for their HONOUR. Now it is beyond my comprehension as to what honour is there in killing and when an adult person has a right to elect the Prime Minister of nation then why they are being murdered for choosing their life partner. If media reports are to be believed, India is not so far behind our neighbours in this devil of HONOUR killings. There are many more like kidnapping of 200 young girls in Nigeria (by BOKO HARAM, a banned organisation), sexual assault of women near Tahir square, Egypt when the nation was celebrating a change in government etc. which are few of those shameful incidents happening around us.

In last 14 years of 21st Century INDIA has evolved itself into a modern and technically advanced nation, growing fast and catching up with the developed nations, and so does many other developing nations too. For whatever has changed in all these years, hope all will be for good and we will see a new dawn soon where all people, men and women alike, will be treated at par.



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2 responses to “A natural turn

  1. I love the way you write srujan. It is so clear and pristine without any doubts. Yeah, total agree with you on time flying away. It amazes me that its been 5 years since we finished our b.tech. As correctly stated by you change is the only thing permanent and india is at the turning point of its history with a strong leader. I hope my children say that there country is developed rather than developing 🙂 . Regarding womens security, i am also ashamed at the current scenario. I agree that govt is responsible for women welfare but it can never be reached by govt policies alone. There needs to be a social and moral change in the society for betterment. Peoples mindset should change for better. Keep writing my dear friend. You have inspired me to create my own blog 🙂

    • Oh, Thank u for the nice words 🙂
      I too am positive about future of India, let’s hope the best is ahead..
      Congratulations for a good start, I’d love to see u as a great writer soon

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