Few reasons for being [Anti] Social Networking

Please don’t conclude by seeing the title that it is gonna be another boring lecture on anti-social networking by some orthodox. I know how much social networking has encroached into our lives today that we forgot to talk to people offline, in fact some people have completely forgot to live offline, so I can’t dare to go against it.

As a matter of fact I too have accounts in almost all social networking sites like FACEBOOK etc and I too use it for many reasons. So what’s this all about you may ask, here I’ve listed out something which mystified me about the social networking maniacs..

  •  One day I’ve seen one of my old friend posting few birthday party photos celebrated pretty grand and the link was titled “My Dog’s Birthday“. I was happy to see people started loving animals so much but was it really worthy to celebrate a dog’s birthday with a 500 bucks cake and boast it online. I wish she had used half of that money to help someone in need; they would bless her dog to live 100 years and the doggie would LIKE it 😉
  •  I never understood why people spend so much time “Growing Farms” and harvesting crops online. If they had used a little time to grow plants offline too, earth would have been a much greener and safer place to live. Recently people are catching criminals solving cases in Facebook, I suggest they join Police and help the nation too. 😛
  •  I was talking to a friend at home, HAAATTCCHHHH… he sneezed, immediately he pulled out his blackberry to update in FaceBook/Twitter “I sneezed”. Do we really need to update even trifle matters of life in our profile for the whole world to know??
  •  I find many friend requests every time I open my account in FaceBook, or any other social networking site, and it’s no surprise that most of them I’ve never met in life n I don’t think I will. Most of them (not all I say) send a request just to boast a large Number of friends they have or to peep into others life. Oh God! Why people are so much interested in others lives than their own?
  •  While stuck in traffic I saw something strange written on a bike “Don’t follow me now, follow me here – twitter/hottest-guy-in-town.com“. What a creativity 😛
  •  When someone asks “Shall we play something?” I’ll ask Indoor or outdoor, now-a-days when I ask “Shall we play something?” people ask me “Online or offline??”

By social networking I met some of my old friends with whom I lost contact long back, I’m very thankful to social networking without which it’d have been nearly impossible to meet them again. On the contrary I hate it so much because I’m losing friends in real world as many are happy to be friends online but never have time for friends in real world.

P.S: This post is just to say what I gained n lost by some websites, no offense intended. It is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental 😀


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